Cultural Homestay Program

The fully immersive Mandarin experience

Cultural Homestay Program: The immersion experience

Experience the culture and master the language by participating in one of our Cultural Homestay Programs!



We have an extensive range of connections with local families to give you a truly Chinese experience. All our host families have been interviewed and screened, and all accommodation has been checked by a member of our team to ensure that our interns’ stay is not only safe and comfortable, but memorable too.


Living in with a Chinese family has many benefits, including but not limited to:


 Immersion – Homestays are a truly immersive experience! It doesn’t get much more ‘culturally immersive’ than living in with a real Chinese family, seeing firsthand how Chinese people live and communicate. Chinese people are incredibly welcoming and you’ll quickly become a part of the family.


– Language – homestays are a great way to accelerate your Mandarin. While we always ensure that at least someone in the family speaks English to a reasonable level, living in with a Chinese family is undoubtedly the best way to fast-track your Mandarin learning process. They always say that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself, right?


– Food Eating with a Chinese family is bound to be a special experience. With both breakfast and dinner will be provided daily, you’ll experience firsthand all the culinary delights that China has to offer. Can’t get much more authentic than that!



DEPOSIT: $500 *returned after finishing the Homestay program



1 month: $900

2 months: $1800

3 months: $2700

All price include meals and housing as well as some transportation.


“One of the beauties of traveling to different countries is the chance to observe how people of different cultures live and interact.”

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