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“HSK” stands for Han Yu Shui Ping Kao Shi and literally means Mandarin Level Test. It is organized by Han Ban which is part of the Chinese Education Ministry and also in charge of the Confucius Institutes.


Whether you’re just starting out or on the way to fluency, it’s possible that like many students, you’re learning Mandarin with an eye on the HSK test. The HSK test can not only add valuable points to your working visa application, but can also be a nice way for you to measure your progress as you advance on your Mandarin journey. Our courses cover all the key content that you’ll need to know to pass that test.


There are 6 HSK levels in total, from HSK1, which covers the basics of the Chinese language, equipping you with just enough to get around and make your life in China that little bit easier (numbers, how to order a coffee, how to take a taxi etc), to HSK 6, which is complete fluency in all circumstances. Let’s explain a little more about each level so you have a better idea of what to expect when taking the exam.


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  • HSK 1 – The ability to understand basic Chinese words and phrases


  • HSK 2 – Can use basic Chinese and apply to complete simple tasks


  • HSK 3 – Can comfortably navigate daily life in China


  • HSK 4 – Can converse with reasonable fluency on a number of topics with Chinese native speakers


  • HSK 5 – Can converse with fluency on most topics. Can read most content in a Chinese newspaper.


  • HSK 6 – Ability to understand, and contribute to, complex topics, express ideas at will, and read all content in a Chinese newspaper.


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Our HSK classes are taught by experienced teachers who know all the tools you’ll need to pass the HSK exam.You’ll learn all the grammar structures, key vocabulary, and sentence patterns you need to give you the best possible chance of passing the test.


All textbooks and materials are included in the program cost, so what are you waiting for?


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