Word of the day 1 – 知道

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We frequently speak about the logical nature of the Chinese language. Characters are like blocks, which can be moved around and shifted to form new words and phrases.

In order to show you exactly what we mean by this, from now on we’ll be posting a ‘word of the day’, where each word will contain at least one character from the previous day’s word. Along the way we’ll be giving beginner, intermediate, or advanced examples (or combinations of the three). By doing this, we hope to help you develop a more intuitive sense as to how the Chinese language is constructed. This should be interesting to follow for anyone, whether you’re already somewhere on the Chinese learning path or just an interested observer! 

So, let’s kick it off.

For our first word of the day, we’ve chosen zhī dào (知道), which means ‘know / to know’.

zhī dào (知道) : to know / to be aware / to realise

zhī (知) : to know / to be aware

dào(道) : road / path / principle / method


Beginner: wǒ bù zhī dào! (我 不知道) : I don’t know!

Intermediate: dà jiā dōu zhī dào, zhōngguó shì yī gè fāzhǎn zhōng guó jiā (大家都知道 , 中国是一个发展中国家) : Everybody knows, China is a developing country.


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