Word of the day 10 – 开放

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Today’s word of the day is 开放 (kāi fàng), which means to be open, to open up, or to be open-minded about something.

Our last word of the day was 离开 (lí kāi), which means ‘to leave’ or ‘to part from’. You’ll see that the common character between the two words is 开(kāi), meaning to open / start / initiate.

开放 (kāi fàng) is an excellent word to pick up – you’ll frequently see it used in a number of different situations, so let’s see how it’s pieced together.

开 kāi: open / start / initiate

放 fàng : to put / to let go / to release / to free

To start or initiate the process of letting go of something is…to open up, to be open-minded!


Intermediate: 他是一个很开放的人 tā shì yī gè hěn kāi fàng de rén – He’s a very open-minded person

Upper-Intermediate: 对外开放使很多人学习外语 duì wài kāi fàng shǐ hěn duō rén xué xí wài yǔ – Opening up to the outside world (对外开放 duì wài kāi fàng refers to China relaxing its economic policy to the ‘outside world’) has led to many people studying a foreign language.

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