Word of the day 9 – 离开

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Today’s word of the day is 离开 (lí kāi), which means ‘leave’ or ‘depart’

Our last word of the day was 离婚 (lí hūn. You’ll see that the common character between the two words is 离 (lí), which means ‘to leave’ or ‘to part from’, so 离婚 (lí hūn) literally means means to move away from marriage, which pretty accurately explains what a divorce is!

So how about 离开 (lí kāi)?

离 lí : to leave / to part from / to be away from

开 kāi: open / start / initiate


Beginner / Lower-Intermediate: 他已经离开了 (tā yǐ jīng lí kāi le) – He already left

Upper-Intermediate: 她因为气候不适应,所以离开了重庆。 (tā yīn wèi qì hòu bù shì yìng, suǒ yǐ lí kāi le Chóng qìng) – She left Chongqing because she couldn’t adapt to the climate.

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