Word of the day 3 – 常识

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Today’s word of the day is 常识 (cháng shí), which means common sense/common knowledge. This contains the 识 (shí) from yesterday’s word 知识 (zhī shi). As we said yesterday, 识 (shí) is a 多音字 (duō yīn zì), a character that can have multiple pronunciations (in the case of 识, either the 2nd tone or the neutral ‘5th’ tone). In today’s word, 常识 (cháng shí), 识 (shí) takes the second tone, rising up.

So let’s break it down.

常识 (cháng shí) : common sense / general knowledge

常 (cháng) : common / normal / frequent / regular

识 (shí) : recognise / understand / grasp


Intermediate: 天气冷了要穿得暖一点,这是常识 (tiān qì lěng le yào chuān dé nuǎn yī diǎn, zhè shì cháng shí) – It’s common sense to dress more warmly in cold weather!

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