Word of the day 7 – 结婚

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Today’s word of the day is 结婚 (jié hūn), a word that you’ll get used to hearing in Chinese meaning ‘to marry’ or ‘to get married’.

This contains the 结 jié (meaning to tie or bind something) from our last word of the day 结果 jié guǒ, which means ‘result’ / ‘in the end’ / ‘conclusion’ / ‘outcome’.(or literally, to bind/tie the result of something).

So, how is the word 结婚 (jié hūn) composed? Let’s take a look.

结 jié: knot / tie / bind

婚 hūn: marriage / wedding

结婚 (jié hūn): to marry / get married

To bind a marriage is…to get married!


Beginner: 你结婚了吗? nǐ jié hūn le ma? : Are you married?

If you’re ever in China for longer than a couple of weeks, the question 你结婚了吗? is one that you’ll soon get used to hearing.

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