Word of the day 6 – 相反

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Today’s word of the day is 相反 (xiāng fǎn), which means opposite / on the contrary. This contains the 反 (fǎn) from yesterday’s word 反正 (fǎn zhèng), the Chinese word for ‘anyway’.

So let’s break it down.

相 (xiāng) : mutual / each other / one another

反 (fǎn) : reverse / opposite / contrary / anti

相反 (xiāng fǎn): opposite / contrary

– mutual + contrary = opposite / on the contrary


Advanced: 结果和预期的相反 (jié guǒ hé yù qī de xiāng fǎn) : The results are contrary to expectations

Advanced: 他们朝着相反的方向开走了 (tā men cháo zhe xiāng fǎn de fāng xiàng kāi zǒu le) : They drove off in opposite directions

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