Word of the day 4 – 正常

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Today’s word of the day is 正常 (zhèng cháng), which means normal / regular. This contains the 常 (cháng) from yesterday’s word 常识 (cháng shí), the Chinese word for ‘common sense’ or ‘common knowledge’.

So let’s break it down.

正常 (zhèng cháng) : normal regular

正 (zhèng) : straight / right / proper / correct

常 (cháng) : common / normal / frequent / regular

– right / proper / correct   +    regular / frequent    =    ‘normal’


Beginner: 没关系,这个很正常 (méi guān xi, zhè ge hěn zhèng cháng) : Don’t worry, this is normal!

Intermediate: 最近他的行为有点不正常 (zuì jìn tā de xíng wéi yǒu diǎn bù zhèng cháng) – His behaviour recently has been a little abnormal.


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