Word of the day 2 – 知识

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For today’s word of the day, we’ve chosen zhī shi (知识), which means ‘knowledge’. This contains the zhī (知) from yesterday’s word zhī dào (知道), which means ‘to know’.

So let’s break it down:

zhī shi (知识) : knowledge / intellect

zhī (知) : know / to be aware

shi (识) : recognise / understand / grasp


Intermediate: tā xué guò de zhī shi hěn duō dōu yǐ jīng wàng jì le (他学过的知识很多都已经忘记了) : He’s already forgotten a lot of what he learned.

In tomorrow’s word of the day we’ll take a look at shi (识), an extremely common character that you’ll find in many Chinese words and an interesting one as it’s a duō yīn zì (多音字), a character that has multiple pronunciations (in the case of 识, either the 2nd tone or a neutral ‘5th’ tone).

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